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used conveyor belt for sale pretoria

In recent years, the concept of sustainability and cost-effectiveness has increasingly guided purchasing decisions in various sectors. This trend is vividly seen in the rising demand for used conveyor belt for sale Pretoria. Second-hand conveyor belts offer an excellent opportunity to reduce both environmental impact and operational costs. These belts, previously used in different industries, are now sought after for their durability and versatility. Particularly in Pretoria and surrounding areas, businesses are turning to used conveyor belts as a practical solution to meet their needs without the financial burden of buying new equipment. This shift not only supports local recycling efforts but also opens up a market for affordable industrial materials, catering to a diverse range of applications from agriculture to manufacturing.

Why Choose Used Conveyor Belt for Sale Pretoria

Choosing used conveyor belts for various applications can be a wise decision for businesses looking to optimize both their budget and environmental impact. Here’s why opting for used conveyor belt for sale Pretoria is an advantageous move:

Cost Advantages

Purchasing a used conveyor belt instead of a new one can lead to significant cost savings. New conveyor systems are often a major capital investment, but used belts can be acquired at a fraction of the cost. This lower price point makes it feasible for businesses, especially small to medium-sized enterprises, to scale their operations without a hefty upfront investment. By choosing used conveyor belt for sale Pretoria, companies can allocate their resources to other essential areas, enhancing overall business growth and financial stability.

Environmental Benefits

The environmental benefits of using second-hand conveyor belts are substantial.

  1. Reduced Waste: By reusing conveyor belts, companies prevent large amounts of industrial material from ending up in landfills.
  2. Lower Carbon Footprint: Manufacturing new conveyor belts involves significant energy consumption and CO2 emissions. Using used belts reduces the demand for new manufacturing, indirectly cutting down the associated environmental impacts.
  3. Resource Conservation: Recycling conveyor belts saves raw materials, such as rubber, steel, and other composites, which are required in the production of new belts.
  4. Promotes Circular Economy: By purchasing “used conveyor belt for sale Pretoria,” businesses support the circular economy model, which emphasizes reusing materials to extend their lifecycle.
  5. Energy Efficiency: The energy required to refurbish or repurpose a used conveyor belt is considerably less than that needed to produce a new one, leading to energy conservation.

Customization and Versatility

Used conveyor belts offer excellent customization and versatility. These belts can be resized, modified, or even combined with other belts to meet specific operational needs. Whether it’s adjusting the length for a particular space, adding cleats to transport materials vertically, or retrofitting belts to function in a new type of machinery,used conveyor belt for sale Pretoria provides a flexible solution that can be tailored to suit a wide range of industrial activities. This adaptability makes used conveyor belts not only an economical choice but also a highly practical one for diverse applications.

Available Options for Used Conveyor Belt for Sale Pretoria

When searching for used conveyor belt for sale Pretoria, it is beneficial to consider the extensive options available not only within Pretoria but also in the broader Gauteng region, as well as in other major cities like Johannesburg, Cape Town, and Durban. Each area offers unique opportunities and resources for acquiring second-hand conveyor belts that can meet various industrial needs.


In Gauteng, with a special focus on Pretoria, the market for used conveyor belts is thriving due to the dense concentration of manufacturing and industrial activities. Numerous suppliers in the region offer a wide range of second-hand conveyor belts that have been repurposed from previous industrial uses. These belts come in different sizes and types, including heavy-duty belts ideal for mining operations and lighter belts suitable for packaging facilities. Companies looking for used conveyor belt for sale Pretoria will find Gauteng a rich source, providing competitive pricing and a variety of quality options to choose from.


Johannesburg, as a major hub of commerce and industry, features several key suppliers specializing in the sale of used conveyor belts. These suppliers often offer deals that include customization services, such as modifications to belt length and width, as well as the addition of features like side walls or cleats to meet specific operational requirements. For businesses in Johannesburg seeking used conveyor belt for sale Pretoria, the proximity to such a large market enhances access to a broad inventory, ensuring they can find the perfect match for their specific needs.

Cape Town and Durban

Expanding the search for used conveyor belt for sale Pretoria to Cape Town and Durban reveals the geographic diversity of the market. Both cities, though geographically distant from Pretoria, support active industrial sectors that regularly utilize conveyor systems. This creates ongoing opportunities to purchase used belts that are in good condition, often at lower prices than newly manufactured alternatives. Suppliers in these cities are known for their commitment to sustainability and can often provide logistical support to transport the belts to Pretoria or other locations, making it a viable option for businesses looking to optimize their operations while supporting environmental conservation efforts.

Types of Used Conveyor Belt for Sale Pretoria

When exploring used conveyor belt for sale Pretoria, it’s crucial to understand the variety of types available, each suited for different industrial needs. The diversity in types ensures that businesses can find the exact specifications required for their operations, enhancing efficiency and productivity. Below, we detail the common types of used conveyor belts available in the Pretoria market, along with their typical sizes and specifications.

Heavy-Duty Belts

Heavy-duty conveyor belts are designed to handle the toughest loads and environments, making them ideal for industries such as mining, construction, and quarrying. These belts are typically made from durable materials like rubber reinforced with metal wires or thick fabric. They are available in widths ranging from 200mm to 1800mm, with thicknesses from 10mm up to 15mm, providing the strength needed for transporting large volumes of materials like rocks or ores.

Magnetic Conveyor Belts

Magnetic conveyor belts are specially designed for situations where metal objects need to be moved efficiently. These belts have magnets embedded within the belt material, allowing them to securely transport ferrous materials. This feature is particularly useful in recycling plants and metal fabrication shops. Magnetic belts can vary in size, with typical widths from 200mm to 1000mm and thicknesses from 5mm to 10mm.

Screw Conveyors

Screw conveyors, or auger conveyors, consist of a helical screw element that rotates within a tube or trough, moving granular or liquid materials along the screw’s axis. This type of conveyor is widely used in agriculture and manufacturing, especially for handling powders, grains, or small pieces of material. Screw conveyors come in various diameters, from 100mm to 500mm, and can be several meters long, depending on the application.

General Specifications

Across all types of used conveyor belt for sale Pretoria, there are general specifications to consider. Widths of belts can range broadly from 200mm, suitable for lighter, more precise tasks, up to 1800mm for heavy-duty operations. The thickness of these belts also varies, typically between 4mm for light applications and up to 10mm or more for heavy-duty purposes. These specifications allow businesses to select a conveyor belt that not only fits their spatial requirements but also handles their operational load efficiently.

By understanding the specific types and specifications of used conveyor belts available, companies can make informed decisions when searching for used conveyor belt for sale Pretoria, ensuring they acquire a product that optimally supports their business objectives.

Practical Uses of Used Conveyor Belt for Sale Pretoria

The used conveyor belt for sale Pretoria offers a wide array of practical applications that extend well beyond the typical industrial settings. These versatile materials provide cost-effective solutions for a variety of projects, from infrastructure to creative reuses. Below, we explore several practical uses and innovative ideas for repurposing used conveyor belts.

Traditional Industrial Applications

  1. Farming Structures: Used conveyor belts can be utilized in agricultural settings to create durable mats for livestock stalls, reducing slip hazards and providing comfortable standing for animals.
  2. Dams and Erosion Control: In environmental engineering, these belts are used to reinforce riverbanks and manage erosion, particularly in regions prone to heavy rains or flooding.
  3. Manufacturing Facilities: Conveyor belts are integral in the assembly lines where they facilitate the smooth and efficient movement of products throughout the production process.
  4. Mining Operations: Due to their durability and toughness, used conveyor belts are perfect for transporting extracted materials over long distances within mine sites.
  5. Packaging Industry: These belts can be used in packaging plants to move goods from one stage of packaging to another, enhancing speed and efficiency.

Creative Reuse Ideas

Beyond these traditional uses, used conveyor belt for sale Pretoria can also inspire a range of creative projects that highlight both their versatility and potential for upcycling:

  1. Outdoor Walkways: Used conveyor belts can be repurposed into durable, weather-resistant walkways for gardens, parks, or rural properties. Their rugged nature makes them ideal for outdoor paths.
  2. Fitness Equipment: Innovative gyms and sports facilities repurpose conveyor belts as bases for heavy-duty workout equipment, providing stable and robust surfaces for high-impact routines.
  3. Artistic Installations: Artists may use segments of conveyor belts as mediums for large-scale sculptures or installations, utilizing their industrial aesthetic to make bold artistic statements.
  4. Home DIY Projects: In the home, these belts can be transformed into unique furniture pieces, such as shelves or table runners, adding a rustic or industrial charm to interiors.
  5. Vehicle Protection: For automotive enthusiasts, conveyor belts can be cut and molded into protective mats for truck beds or car trunks, safeguarding against scratches and spills.

The broad spectrum of applications for used conveyor belt for sale Pretoria underscores its adaptability and potential for reuse in both conventional and unexpected ways. Whether employed in industrial capacities or reimagined for creative endeavors, used conveyor belts provide an affordable, robust, and environmentally friendly solution for countless needs.

Where to Find Used Conveyor Belt for Sale Pretoria

Finding a used conveyor belt for sale Pretoria involves knowing where to look and what to consider during the purchase. In Pretoria and the surrounding areas, there are various sources where businesses and individuals can find high-quality used conveyor belts. Here are five practical tips on sourcing these belts, along with specific platforms and local suppliers to contact.

Sourcing Tips

  • Local Industrial Auctions: Attend industrial auctions where surplus or decommissioned equipment is sold. These events often have a variety of conveyor belts available at reduced prices.
  • Specialty Recyclers: Contact companies that specialize in the recycling of industrial goods. These companies often have a wide selection of used conveyor belts reclaimed from various industries.
  • Construction and Mining Liquidations: Keep an eye on liquidation sales from construction and mining companies, as they frequently update their equipment and sell off older assets, including conveyor belts.
  • Industrial Surplus Stores: These stores typically stock a range of used industrial equipment, including conveyor belts. They can be a goldmine for finding durable belts at competitive prices.
  • Direct from Factories: Sometimes, factories will sell their old conveyor belts directly when they upgrade their equipment. Contacting local manufacturing companies directly can lead to good deals.

Online Platforms and Local Suppliers

In addition to these sourcing tips, there are specific online platforms and local suppliers that are valuable resources for finding used conveyor belt for sale Pretoria:

  • Junk Mail: This popular South African classifieds website frequently lists used conveyor belts. It allows users to search for specific items near their location, making it easy to find belts in Pretoria.
  • AgriMag: Focused more on agricultural and industrial equipment, AgriMag is another excellent online resource where you can find listings for used conveyor belts suitable for a variety of uses.
  • CONVEYOR DEPOT: This local supplier in Pretoria specializes in providing quality used conveyor belts at reasonable prices. They often have a diverse stock, catering to different industrial needs.

By utilizing these tips and resources, those searching for used conveyor belt for sale Pretoria can effectively find the best options available. Whether through online platforms, local auctions, or direct purchases from industrial sites, there are ample opportunities to procure used conveyor belts that meet various operational requirements.

Considerations When Buying Used Conveyor Belt for Sale Pretoria

When purchasing a used conveyor belt for sale Pretoria, it’s crucial to carefully evaluate the quality and suitability of the belts to ensure they meet the specific needs of your project. Below are detailed considerations and advice on how to assess both the quality of used conveyor belts and how to determine their suitability for various applications.

Assessing Quality

  1. Visual Inspection: Check for signs of wear and tear such as cracks, cuts, and thinning areas. A belt with minimal visible damage is more likely to offer longer service life.
  2. Check for Brittleness: The rubber on a conveyor belt should still have some flexibility. If the belt feels brittle or shows cracks when bent, it may be too worn.
  3. Edge Integrity: Examine the edges of the belt for fraying or unraveling. Intact edges are crucial for the longevity and smooth operation of the belt.
  4. Previous Usage: Understanding the belt’s previous usage can help assess its condition. Belts used in harsh conditions may be more worn than those from less demanding environments.
  5. Manufacturer and Model: Research the belt’s manufacturer and model to verify quality standards and to find out if specific models are prone to certain issues.

Specific Needs

  1. Size Requirements: Measure the length and width needed for your conveyor system. Ensure that the “used conveyor belt for sale Pretoria” you consider can be adapted to fit your installation if it does not exactly match.
  2. Material Type: Determine the type of materials the belt will carry. Heavy or sharp materials require thicker and more durable belts, whereas lighter materials can be transported on standard belts.
  3. Operating Environment: Consider the environmental conditions such as temperature, exposure to chemicals, or outdoor elements. Some belts are specially designed to withstand particular conditions.
  4. Load Capacity: Assess the weight and volume of materials the belt will need to handle. High-capacity operations require sturdier belts with high load capacities.
  5. Customization Potential: Evaluate if the belt can be modified or needs specific features like cleats or sidewalls for your operation.

By thoroughly assessing both the quality of the used conveyor belt for sale Pretoria and understanding the specific needs of your project, you can make an informed decision that ensures the belt will perform effectively and efficiently in its new role. This careful consideration not only saves money in the long term but also enhances the operational efficiency of your project.

Scrap Conveyor Belt Options for Used Conveyor Belt for Sale Pretoria

When considering used conveyor belt for sale Pretoria, it’s also worth exploring the available options for scrap conveyor belts. These belts, while not suitable for all applications, offer a cost-effective and practical solution for less demanding or temporary projects. Here, we delve into why scrap conveyor belts can be a valuable option and the various ways they can be utilized.

Affordability and Suitability

Scrap conveyor belts are significantly more affordable than even used belts in good condition. Their low cost makes them an attractive option for budget-conscious projects or for uses where high performance and longevity are not critical. Here’s why they are suited for less demanding applications:

  1. Cost Efficiency: The primary advantage of scrap conveyor belts is their cost-effectiveness. Businesses can save substantial amounts of money when the highest quality is not necessary for the project’s success.
  2. Resourceful Recycling: Choosing scrap belts helps in recycling industrial materials that might otherwise go to waste, aligning with sustainability goals without a large expenditure.
  3. Flexibility in Use: Although they may not be ideal for high-stress applications, scrap belts can be used effectively for temporary setups or applications where less durability is required.

Applications of Scrap Conveyor Belts

Scrap conveyor belts can be used in a variety of applications where the stress on the belt is minimal. These include:

  • Agricultural Uses: For example, they can be used for lining animal pens to provide a durable and easy-to-clean flooring that can withstand the environment of barns and stables.
  • Industrial Matting: In factories or workshops, scrap belts can serve as anti-fatigue mats or provide a non-slip surface in wet or oily environments.
  • Construction Barriers: They can be employed as barriers or bumpers in construction sites to protect walls and corners from damage by vehicles or heavy equipment.
  • Landscaping Projects: Used as underlayment for landscaping to prevent weeds, or even as makeshift walkways through muddy or unstable areas.
  • Creative Projects: For artistic or creative projects, scrap conveyor belts can be transformed into various objects like unique furniture pieces, garden decorations, or even rugged artwork.

Considering used conveyor belt for sale Pretoria in the form of scrap options provides an opportunity to utilize durable materials in innovative ways that do not strain budgets. While they may not be appropriate for critical industrial operations, scrap conveyor belts offer a versatile, affordable alternative for a wide range of less demanding or temporary applications.

How to Contact Sellers of Used Conveyor Belt for Sale Pretoria

Finding and purchasing the right used conveyor belt for sale Pretoria involves not just locating a suitable option but also effectively communicating and negotiating with sellers. Below, we outline the process of contacting sellers and provide guidance on negotiating prices, as well as stress the importance of verifying the condition of the belt in person whenever possible.

Contacting Sellers

  • Initial Inquiry: Start by sending a detailed inquiry via email or through an online platform where the belt is listed. Clearly state your interest in the used conveyor belt for sale Pretoria and ask for more detailed information about the belt’s condition, age, and prior usage.
  • Phone Conversation: Follow up with a phone call to discuss the belt further. This gives you a chance to ask more in-depth questions and express any specific requirements you might have.
  • Arrange a Viewing: If the seller is local, arrange a time to view the conveyor belt in person. For distant sellers, request detailed photos or video footage of the belt from various angles.
  • Discuss Pricing: Once you have all the necessary information, discuss the pricing. Be prepared to negotiate based on the belt’s condition and market prices.

Negotiating Prices

  • Market Research: Before negotiating, conduct research to know the going rate for similar used conveyor belts. This knowledge will give you a solid ground for negotiation.
  • Be Reasonable: While it’s important to negotiate, always make reasonable offers based on the belt’s condition and your budget.
  • Bulk Discounts: If you are buying multiple belts, ask for a bulk discount. Sellers are often willing to lower prices to move more inventory.
  • Consider Other Costs: Remember to factor in potential costs for transport and modifications when making your offer.

Verifying the Condition

To ensure the used conveyor belt for sale Pretoria meets your expectations, it’s critical to verify its condition in person.

  • Wear and Tear: Look for any signs of excessive wear, such as deep cuts or worn-out patches.
  • Edges: Check the edges of the belt to ensure they are not frayed or severely damaged.
  • Integrity of Joints: Inspect any joints or seams in the belt to make sure they are intact and not at risk of separating.
  • Material Flexibility: Bend the belt to ensure that the material is still flexible and not brittle.
  • Compatibility: Verify that the belt’s size and type are compatible with your machinery or intended use.

By following these guidelines on how to contact sellers and verify the quality of used conveyor belt for sale Pretoria, you can enhance the likelihood of securing a suitable conveyor belt at a fair price, ensuring it is apt for your specific industrial or creative needs.

FAQs About Used Conveyor Belt for Sale Pretoria

What is the alternative to a conveyor belt?

Alternatives to conveyor belts depend largely on the application and the materials being handled. For lightweight or smaller items, roller conveyors can be an efficient choice as they require less power and are often simpler to install and maintain. For the transportation of granular materials like sand or grain, pneumatic conveying systems, which use air pressure to move materials through tubes, offer a clean and enclosed method of transport. Another alternative is the bucket elevator, particularly useful in vertical lifting of materials in bulk such as in agricultural or mining operations. Each of these alternatives serves specific industrial needs and offers different advantages, including reduced energy consumption, minimal maintenance, or the ability to handle a variety of materials that might not be suitable for traditional conveyor systems.

What can you do with old conveyor belts?

Old conveyor belts have a variety of repurposing and recycling options that can minimize environmental impact while providing practical solutions. They can be reused in other industries as part of machines with less stringent requirements or used for innovative projects like creating walkways or mats in agricultural settings, which benefit from the durability and weather resistance of conveyor belt materials. Additionally, they can be cut and used in workshops or garages as anti-fatigue mats, or used creatively in the fashion industry to make belts or bags. Environmentally conscious companies also recycle them into rubber products such as floor mats, road construction materials, or even fuel. This repurposing extends the lifecycle of the rubber and other materials, reducing landfill waste and promoting sustainability.

What is the life of a conveyor belt?

The lifespan of a conveyor belt varies significantly based on its construction material, usage, and maintenance. Generally, a well-maintained conveyor belt can last anywhere from three to ten years. Factors that impact the life expectancy include the type of material the belt is made from, such as rubber, fabric, or metal; the conditions under which it operates, such as exposure to harsh chemicals, extreme temperatures, or physical abrasions; and the frequency and thoroughness of maintenance procedures. Regular inspections and prompt repairs are crucial in extending a belt’s lifespan. Proper alignment and tension also play vital roles in preventing premature wear and tear, ensuring that the conveyor belt operates efficiently for as long as possible.

How much is a conveyor belt for a factory?

The cost of a conveyor belt for a factory can vary widely based on several factors including the length of the conveyor, the type of material it is made from, the complexity of the configuration, and the specific needs of the application. Simple conveyor systems used for light to medium weight materials might cost a few thousand dollars, while complex, custom-engineered systems designed for heavy-duty or specialized applications can run into hundreds of thousands of dollars. Additional factors affecting cost include the belt’s width, the motor type, and whether it includes advanced features like integrated sensors or controls. Obtaining a detailed quotation from manufacturers that includes installation and maintenance costs is recommended to get an accurate estimate tailored to specific factory needs.

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