Used Conveyor Belt for Sale in Sri Lanka and Suppliers

used belt conveyor for sale in Sri Lanka

The demand for used conveyor belts is rapidly increasing in various industries in Sri Lanka, highlighting their cost-effectiveness and sustainability advantages. Choosing used conveyor belts over new ones not only helps in cutting costs but also promotes environmental sustainability by repurposing existing materials. This blog post provides an in-depth look at the key aspects of the used conveyor belt for sale in Sri Lanka market, including the types available, the suppliers you can rely on, and the pricing structure. Through this discussion, we aim to equip you with the necessary knowledge to make informed decisions about purchasing used conveyor belts that meet your specific industrial requirements in Sri Lanka.

Analyzing the Market for Used Conveyor Belt for Sale in Sri Lanka

The market for used conveyor belt for sale in Sri Lanka is becoming increasingly significant due to its broad industrial applications. These belts are pivotal in various sectors, including mining, agriculture, and manufacturing, where they serve as essential components for transporting goods and materials efficiently. This section delves into the industrial utilization of used conveyor belts, exploring their roles and benefits within Sri Lankan industries.

Industrial Applications of Used Conveyor Belts

Industrial Applications of Used Conveyor Belts

Used conveyor belts are highly sought after in Sri Lanka for their durability and functionality. In sectors such as mining, these belts are used to transport minerals and other materials from deep within the earth to the surface. In agriculture, used conveyor belts facilitate the movement of grains and other produce, reducing labor costs and enhancing efficiency. The manufacturing sector also benefits significantly from these belts, utilizing them in assembly lines for the transport of products through various stages of production.

Economic Advantages of Reusing and Recycling Conveyor Belts

Reusing and Recycling Conveyor Belts

Reusing and recycling used conveyor belt for sale in Sri Lanka not only supports environmental sustainability but also offers substantial economic benefits. By repurposing these materials, businesses can significantly reduce their operational costs associated with the purchase and maintenance of new conveyor systems. Furthermore, the recycling process itself creates job opportunities in the local economy, contributing to a circular economy where waste is minimized and resources are maximally utilized.

Key Suppliers of Used Conveyor Belt for Sale in Sri Lanka

The availability and quality of used conveyor belt for sale in Sri Lanka largely depend on the suppliers and dealers in the region. This section aims to provide a detailed overview of the major suppliers and dealers, as well as an in-depth look at their processes for sourcing and refurbishing used conveyor belts.

Major Suppliers and Dealers of Used Conveyor Belts

Sri Lanka boasts a number of key suppliers who specialize in the provision of high-quality used conveyor belts. These suppliers cater to a wide range of industries, from large-scale mining operations to small manufacturing units, providing belts that meet diverse operational demands. Some well-known suppliers in the region include Gram Conveyor, Lanka Conveyors, Colombo Machinery & Equipment, and Industrial Belts Pvt. Ltd. Each of these companies has built a reputation for supplying durable and reliable used conveyor belts that enhance operational efficiency.

Sourcing and Refurbishing Processes

The process of sourcing used conveyor belts involves selecting and procuring belts from industries that are upgrading to new systems or from dismantled sites. Suppliers like Industrial Belts Pvt. Ltd. often acquire belts from international markets, ensuring a broader variety of options in terms of size and material. Once acquired, the belts undergo a rigorous refurbishment process. This includes thorough cleaning, repairing minor damages, and testing for performance to ensure they meet safety and quality standards. Colombo Machinery & Equipment, for instance, employs a team of experts who specialize in assessing the structural integrity of the belts and restoring them to a condition that is as good as new.

Conveyor Belt Prices for Used Conveyor Belt for Sale in Sri Lanka

The pricing of used conveyor belts in Sri Lanka can vary significantly based on several key factors. This section explores the elements that affect the cost of used conveyor belts and compares these prices with new belts to highlight potential savings for buyers.

Factors Influencing Pricing of Used Conveyor Belts

The cost of used conveyor belts is influenced by a variety of factors. Material is the primary consideration; belts made from durable materials such as rubber or reinforced nylon tend to be more expensive but offer longer service life. The length and width of the conveyor belt also play crucial roles in determining the price. Larger belts, which can transport more material or cover bigger areas, naturally cost more. Additionally, the condition of the belt is a critical factor. Belts that require minimal refurbishment are sold at a higher price than those needing significant repairs.

Another factor to consider is the market demand and availability. In Sri Lanka, certain types of belts may be in higher demand due to the prevalent industries in the region, which can drive up prices. Also, the rarity of specific belt types can affect their cost.

Comparison Between New and Used Conveyor Belt Prices

Comparing the prices of new and used conveyor belts can demonstrate considerable savings. New conveyor belts come with the latest technology and guaranteed performance, which is reflected in their higher prices. In contrast, used conveyor belts, while not new, can offer comparable performance at a significantly reduced cost. For many businesses, especially small to medium enterprises, these savings are crucial and can make a substantial difference in budgeting for operational infrastructure.

Exploring Types of Conveyor Belts Available for Used Conveyor Belt for Sale in Sri Lanka

The diversity in the types of used conveyor belts available for sale in Sri Lanka caters to a variety of industrial needs and applications. This section will detail the common types of conveyor belts found in the market and discuss the advantages and applications for each type, aiding businesses in making informed choices suited to their specific requirements.

Below is a table that summarizes the different types of used conveyor belts available in Sri Lanka. It details each type’s unique characteristics, advantages, and typical applications. This information will help you understand the variety and functionality of conveyor belts in the market, ensuring you can make an informed decision tailored to your specific industrial needs.

Type of Conveyor BeltDescriptionAdvantagesApplications
Flat BeltsMost common type, used primarily for transporting items in a stable position.Simplicity and efficiency, easy to install and maintain.General material handling, moving goods in industries like packaging, manufacturing, and warehousing.
Modular BeltsMade of plastic composite segments, durable and easy to maintain.Ideal for environments requiring regular cleaning, modular design allows for easy parts replacement.Industries requiring cleanliness, such as food processing and pharmaceuticals.
Cleated BeltsFeature vertical cleats to prevent slippage in inclined or vertical scenarios.Increase capacity to transport materials at inclines, reducing system footprint.Agricultural and recycling industries, and applications requiring elevation of bulk materials.

Assessing Machine Belt Options and Availability for Used Conveyor Belt for Sale in Sri Lanka

The market for used conveyor belt for sale in Sri Lanka offers a diverse range of machine belt options to complement conveyor systems across various industries. This section explores the availability and types of machine belts suited to different industrial applications and discusses their compatibility with various machinery in Sri Lanka.

Below is a table that provides a detailed overview of the various types of machine belts available in Sri Lanka, their key characteristics, and their compatibility with different industrial machinery. This comprehensive view will assist businesses in selecting the right type of machine belt to enhance efficiency and ensure the longevity of their equipment based on specific operational needs.

Type of Machine BeltDescriptionApplicationsCompatibility with Industrial Machinery
V-BeltsKnown for high power transmission efficiency, used in applications requiring a small width but high performance.Automotive, agricultural machinery.Best suited for compact and high-power setups, such as compressors and HVAC systems.
Timing BeltsMaintain consistent speed and timing, ideal for precise applications where synchronization is critical.Packaging, textile machines.Suitable for machinery requiring exact mechanical synchronization, like in the automotive industry and robotic arms.
Flat BeltsUsed for power transmission, valued for their flexibility and efficiency in high-speed and low-noise operations.Material handling equipment, office machinery, and electronic appliances.Commonly used in applications requiring adaptability and smooth operation, particularly in office and electronic environments.

Key Player in the Market for Used Conveyor Belt for Sale in Sri Lanka

Gram Conveyor

gram conveyor

Gram Conveyor has emerged as a prominent supplier of conveyor belts in Sri Lanka. Our company sources a diverse range of top-quality conveyor belts from well-respected manufacturers both locally and internationally. Through meticulous quality control procedures, Gram Conveyor ensures that each belt meets rigorous standards of durability and efficiency before reaching customers. Our company is also committed to sustainability, actively promoting eco-friendly practices and innovative solutions within the material handling sector.

As an excellent conveyor roller supplier and conveyor belt manufacturer, our products mainly include the following three types: conveyor roller, a wide variety of conveyor belt, and different types of conveyor accessories/conveyor parts. Gram is a conveyor roller manufacturers that provides products of different materials and functions based on your needs among these three major product categories.

Nishi Enterprises

Nishi Enterprises Profile

Founded several years ago, Nishi Enterprises has grown to become one of the leading suppliers of used conveyor belts in Sri Lanka. The company sources a wide range of high-grade used conveyor belts from various industries, both locally and internationally. Their stringent quality control measures ensure that all belts meet high standards of durability and performance before they are offered to customers.

Cherry Belts


Cherry Belts have not only been manufacturing them within Sri Lanka but also to the different locations nearby. Cherry Belts offering it’s different types and different specified conveyor belt and they do also have some other advantages, that is, decreasing the requirement of the manual labor and increasing the efficiency and productivity of the industries with maintaining the quality standards of the objects.

Maintenance and Care for Used Conveyor Belts for Sale in Sri Lanka

Regular Inspections

Importance of Routine Checks for Wear and Tear Regular inspections are crucial for the longevity and efficient performance of used conveyor belts. Over time, conveyor belts can suffer from various forms of wear and tear, including surface abrasions, frayed edges, and damage from heavy loads. Routine checks help in early detection of these issues, preventing minor problems from escalating into major failures that can lead to costly downtime and repairs. Inspections should include a thorough examination of the belt surface, joints, and edges, as well as the checking of the entire conveyor system for alignment issues, roller condition, and proper tension.

Proper Storage

Guidelines for Storing Used Belts to Extend Their Lifespan Proper storage of used conveyor belts is essential to maintaining their condition and extending their service life. Belts should be stored in a cool, dry environment away from direct sunlight, heat sources, and chemicals that can cause deterioration. They should be stored flat or rolled without any sharp bends to avoid creasing and should be kept off the ground to prevent moisture absorption. It is also advisable to periodically rotate stored belts to prevent any potential deformation. Covering the belts with protective material can further shield them from dust and other environmental factors.

Repair and Reconditioning

Options for Repairing Minor Damages and Maintaining Optimal Performance When used conveyor belts incur minor damages, timely repair and reconditioning can restore them to optimal performance. Common repair methods include patching small tears, splicing broken sections, and replacing damaged sections with new or refurbished belt material. Adhesive bonding, hot or cold vulcanizing, and mechanical fastening are common techniques used in these repairs. Additionally, reconditioning services can include thorough cleaning, surface treatment, and re-lacing to ensure the belt functions as effectively as possible. Regular maintenance practices, such as cleaning and lubrication, also play a vital role in prolonging the lifespan and performance of used conveyor belts.

What Is the Role of Motor Couplings in Conveyor Systems for Used Conveyor Belt for Sale in Sri Lanka

Motor couplings play a critical role in the functionality of conveyor systems, acting as a key component that connects the motor to the conveyor belt. This section discusses the importance of motor couplings in the context of used conveyor belt systems in Sri Lanka and explores the options available for selecting the right couplings.

Importance of Motor Couplings in Conveyor Systems

Motor Couplings in Conveyor Systems

Motor couplings are essential for the transmission of power from the motor to the conveyor belt, enabling the movement of the belt and the materials it carries. They are designed to accommodate misalignment, reduce transmission of shock loads, and dampen vibrations, which protects both the motor and the conveyor belt from wear and potential damage. In the context of used conveyor belt for sale in Sri Lanka, choosing the right motor coupling is crucial for maintaining operational efficiency and extending the lifespan of both the motor and the conveyor system.

Availability and Selection of Motor Couplings for Used Conveyor Systems

In Sri Lanka, the selection of motor couplings for used conveyor systems involves considering several factors to ensure compatibility and efficiency. The availability of various types of couplings, such as flexible couplings, fluid couplings, and rigid couplings, offers businesses the flexibility to choose based on their specific conveyor system requirements.

  • Flexible Couplings: These are used to connect two rotating shafts while permitting some degree of misalignment. Flexible couplings are suitable for applications where some misalignment could be expected or where shock absorption is needed.
  • Fluid Couplings: These use a hydraulic fluid for power transmission and are particularly beneficial in applications requiring variable speed operation and torque control. They are effective in reducing shock loads in heavy-duty conveyor systems.
  • Rigid Couplings: Although less common in complex systems, rigid couplings are used where shaft alignment is precise and no flexibility is required. They are typically employed in environments where precision is critical, such as in controlled industrial settings.

In Sri Lanka, suppliers of used conveyor belt for sale offer consultancy services to help businesses select the appropriate type of motor coupling based on the operational parameters of their systems. This includes assessing the power requirement, speed, torque, and environmental conditions under which the conveyor will operate.

FAQs about Used Conveyor Belt for Sale in Sri Lanka

How much does a used conveyor belt for sale in Sri Lanka cost?

The price of a used conveyor belt in Sri Lanka varies widely, influenced by factors such as material, size, condition, and supplier. Prices can start from a few hundred and extend to several thousand Sri Lankan Rupees, based on belt type and quality. For instance, belts designed for rugged mining operations tend to be pricier than those used in lighter applications such as packaging due to their enhanced durability and material quality. Prospective buyers should assess their specific operational needs, such as load capacity and environmental conditions, and engage with multiple suppliers to obtain customized price estimates. It’s also advisable to consider the potential long-term savings in maintenance costs when evaluating the initial purchase price.

What to do with an old conveyor belt in Sri Lanka?

Old conveyor belts in Sri Lanka can find new life through various repurposing strategies, contributing to environmental sustainability and potential revenue streams. Businesses commonly recycle or sell their outdated conveyor belts to refurbishing companies that specialize in giving these belts a second life. These repurposed belts can be used for diverse applications, such as creating anti-slip floor matting, protective covers for industrial machinery, or innovative uses like barriers in construction projects. Creatively, old belts can be transformed into furniture, garden decorations, or unique art installations, providing not just functional but aesthetic value. Engaging in these recycling practices not only helps conserve resources but also opens up new business opportunities.

How long do used conveyor belts last in Sri Lanka?

The lifespan of a used conveyor belt in Sri Lanka can significantly vary, generally lasting from several years up to a decade, depending on several key factors. The initial quality of the belt, the intensity and nature of its use, environmental conditions, and maintenance practices all play crucial roles in determining its durability. Regular usage in harsh conditions, such as extreme temperatures or carrying abrasive materials, can shorten a belt’s life. Conversely, regular maintenance, including proper cleaning, alignment checks, and timely repairs, can extend it. Buyers should also consider the history of the belt, including previous applications and any repairs done, as these will give insights into its potential longevity.

What is the price of a used brick belt conveyor for sale in Sri Lanka?

The cost of a used brick belt conveyor in Sri Lanka is typically higher than that of standard conveyor belts due to its specialized nature. These belts are engineered to handle abrasive materials such as bricks, which necessitates robust design features like reinforced materials and perhaps wider belts with higher durability. The price is influenced by factors such as the belt’s length, width, overall condition, and the specific features like motor type and power capacity. Given the specialized requirements, these belts can vary widely in price. Potential buyers should consult with several local suppliers to compare options and get detailed information about each belt’s specifications and condition to ensure they choose a conveyor that meets their specific needs effectively.

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